A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...

Hello! Thanks for stopping by.

i'm nervous and excited and nervous some more to launch this blog.

It's my way of keeping you up to date with what i've been doing in photography. I'll be posting behind the scenes images, background info about a shot, a shoot or a subject that i'm working on and any interesting out takes or stories along the way. It will be a mixture of images and words. 

I would love to share with you, the inspiring people and interesting things i come across and photograph. I want to celebrate good people and stories from my adventures so if that's your type of thing, welcome, it's lovely to have you here.

But first things first! haha..

In an effort to give you an insight into where i'm coming from as a fellow human and where i'm heading as an artist in my photography, i probably should share a little more background to my journey.

My name's Lisa. I take pictures.
By no stretch of the imagination am i a writer. I'm a book lover and collector and I've been keeping a private journal ever since i left my family home at just on 11 years old (i'm MUCH older than that now!).

My grammar is not great and my punctuation is all over the place so I've never really shared my words with others before. It makes keeping a blog a little bit daunting so please be kind. 

Over the years i've found that writing helps me process whatever is happening in my life, whether it's good or bad. It helps me put things into perspective and grow. Mostly writing has been my person to talk to when i needed to get things out. 

I'm a book lover from way back; the smell of a new book is one of my favourite things in the world and i've been known to visit bookstores simply to open books and smell the pages! Recently i've been on the look out for a new book or something worthwhile getting stuck into, a quality story, so you can imagine how stoked i was to stumble across a brilliant little blog yesterday that blew me away.

"Postcards from the North" by Miranda Tea who is a local Darwin writer and blogger. Miranda puts many of my thoughts and feelings towards my beloved adopted home into words. Her writing creates pictures in my mind.

Bascially, this chick rocks and i just had to share.  


Miranda if you're reading this, i love your work sista. I'm so stoked you live in D-Town. Reading your words has encouraged me to share my stories in my own way.. It's inspiring to know there are other creatives here in our town, across all platforms, that are doing their thing and putting out fantastic work. 

The 'Darwin Factor' is strong so you never know maybe i'll see you on the foreshore sometime or if you're up for it, maybe we can meet and enjoy tea and cake. Either way i'm so happy to have found your blog and i can't wait 'til your next post..

That's pretty much it for my first blog post. There may be more words than images in this one but stay with me, this is just the beginning, there's plenty of time for photos. 

I  have a deep love for creating images and I have a number of projects to keep me busy well into 2015.

Stage 2 is underway. 

i'm just warming up.

Lisa x