Lisa McTiernan x Om Designs 2015

A tropical garden oasis on a beautiful dry season afternoon.

Driving through the gates it feels like the rest of the world falls away.

As we wander through the gardens, lovingly handcrafted for 27 years by the amazing Margot Race, pops of colour jump out amongst the tropical green and the fallen dry season casualties. Gorgeous. 

It's hard to imagine this place was once untamed Territory scrub, but it's true, i've seen the photos! The whole property is now an impressive collection of thriving tropical plant species and wildlife. A little slice of Eden in the bush.

At sunset, as the chorus of cicadas gets louder and louder, the breeze arrives and the birds join in.  I couldn't think of a sweeter way to end the day.

Here's a little look at our afternoon delight.

Campaign for Om Designs

Models: Artia @ Muse Models & Ayasha

Hair + Make Up:  Nat & Kat @ NK Hair and Make Up

Accessories: Silver Seed

Styling: Kayla McTiernan + Maranda @ Om Designs

Shoes: Converse sneakers models own. Other shoes sourced by Designer in India

Thanks to Margot & Gary @ Ritzy Flowers for the beautiful location