Notes from the North, with love.

Clear blue skies and cool dry breezes. 

It's the perfect time to be in the tropics.

The ceiling fans are off and the thought of a cardigan, or dare i say it jeans, isn't so absurd on the mornings when the temp drops to 20 degrees.

All around me it's happening; bbq's, festivals, markets and culture. The constant sweat of the build up is a distant memory and everyone is out and about soaking up the good vibes.

The Dry also means wedding season is in full swing. I've had really cool Brides + Grooms who've given me the opportunity to see some beautiful spots across Darwin and capture their day. It's a great feeling when i see them look through their images for the first time. I love seeing the a huge smile on their face as they relive their wedding day.

It really hits home then that the images i'm creating are important and will be cherished by each family for many years to come. 

In July my niece Kayla flew up from NSW and we squeezed in a trip to stunning Kakadu and slept under the stars. It's been a tough year for our family and some gentle soul soothing was in order.  Kakadu is the perfect medicine and there's something about a road trip that makes my heart sing.

While Kayla was in town, we hung out with Om Designs. Emma wanted to create a look book and content for the relaunch of their website and online store. The fantastic team included Emma and Maranda @ Om Designs, Nat & Kat on hair and make up,  gorgeous models Artia @ Muse Models and Ayasha and Penny @  Silver Seed for her wicked handcrafted jewellery (i love Pen's work and have bought a couple pieces since the shoot!) Big thanks to Margot and Gary Race from Ritzy Flowers in the rural area for the amazing gardens they shared with us for the location.

It was such a good day, we all worked hard and had a blast doing it. The best kind of shoot really. I would love to shoot there again in the wet season when the garden is lush and green and full of colour.

So here we are at August (seriously? already!) The next few weeks are all about finishing up edit jobs and pre production on the next couple of projects which i'm really looking forward to. 

Hovering in the background is a personal project i started in the build up last year. It's been pushed aside since March because i've been so busy but i'm going to make some time to rekindle that project during August and September.

It's not gonna be all work and no play though. The Darwin Festival opened last night so over the next few weeks i'll be out and about going to gigs, drinking cocktails and watching sunsets whenever my schedule allows.

Remi, JimblahRequiem & Sietta will be festival highlights and what a better way to hear some sweet sweet music than under the stars in the tropics with perfect skies and cool breezes...


Lisa x