Lisa McTiernan x Col Infinity December 2014

A couple of weeks ago Col Infinity and i were scouting around for a location to suit our upcoming shoot. I'd done a preliminary scout, narrowing down the options to about four potentials. On our way to one of those, we walked past this place. It didn't look like much from the outside but i was feeling adventurous and cheeky and the gate was open beckoning us inside, so entering an empty premises for a look seemed harmless enough.

When Col & I walked round the back and found this place we both looked at each other and said words such as "what the...?" "wow!" and i think i may have exclaimed "get fucked! this place is awesome!". I could see so many amazing shoots that would suit this one place. I was seriously in photographer heaven!

Lesson learned: don't be scared to take chances, think outside the box and keep an open mind, you just never know what you're gonna stumble across.

Here's a few shots from our shoot and if you're into Australian Hip Hop be sure to drop by and check out Col infinity's music here:

Lisa x