Love, sweet love.

A music festival, a cruise ship, lush tropical gardens, a suburban back yard, a few beaches and the tropical shores of Indonesia are just a few of the places i found myself with my camera over the last few months shooting weddings.

Each wedding has been such a warm, real and honest affair that every single time throughout 2016, i've felt the love radiating from all who had come together to celebrate the love of two people. 

Thank you to my super cool couples who welcomed me into your day, invited me to capture memories you will treasure for generations to come and who have shown me that love is real and that maybe someday, i'll have my version of that too.

Drop me an email if you're on the hunt for a photographer to capture your wedding in 2017.

Bookings are coming in so if you wanna have a chat get on it!

Big Big Love,

Lisa x