Two felines, a zephyr & sweet relief from the madness.

Yesterday, after weeks of intense humidity that was starting to drive everyone a bit crazy, the breeze came. Soft and slow at first, then it sped up and kicked around leaves and discarded wrappers. 

The relief is immediate. You can actually see every single person around you pause when it hits them, close their eyes and give thanks, a silent appreciation of a gift from the sky.  

The breeze turned into deep rumbling which became what we'd all been waiting for, glorious tropical rain for a few hours bringing with it sweet relief (hurrah!). 

The Boys have been struggling with the heat too. They were just as happy as the rest of us when the rain came. Both of them have been staying indoors, lazing on the tiles under the fan for weeks, not outside patrolling their jungle yard like normal. When the rain passed things had cooled down enough leave the tiles to hang outside for a while.

'Dos leaves us in a couple of weeks. He's heading down south to Melbourne and back to Lucy. A whole different urban world awaits this little ginger feline, he has no idea what's coming. He is such a gentle lad. i hope Melbourne is gentle and kind to our NT boy.